Product Design

We specialize in bringing innovation to your products. Understanding of your brand image through immersing ourselves in due diligence is quintessential to creating the foundation for solid product design.

We specialize in 3D CAD/CAM Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Laser Scanning, Reverse Engineering, and Private Label Manufacturing.

Brand Management

Clear communication of your brand values in today’s volatile environment is important. An idea is just and idea; we’ll take that idea and properly execute for your market.

We craft engaging multi-platform experiences through Logotype Design, Web Design, Print Advertisement, Web Design and Mobile Application Development.  Regardless of the channel, we can deploy through numerous avenues to ensure your brands success.


LPG’s photography services do not end when the shutter stops. Our creative team will direct, shoot and stylize images to complement your brand.  Our ability to composite digital images mean we can create what is not there even after a shoot has taken place.  Too often do we see the wrong message being interpreted through mis-alignment in brand objectives.

Market Due Diligence

The most fundamental step of progressing your brand should start with the basics of understanding.

LPG’s due diligence process will ensure that your competition is sized up and we deliver an execution to leave your brand at the forefront.


A picture says a thousand words, but videos will write a book.

While great photography are always an asset to your branding, LPG can direct, shoot and produce engaging commercials that drive emotions and turn your core audience into a cult following.  Whether it be content for Youtube or a full scale Music Video, LPG is capable and flexible to meet your needs.